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Few steps closer to having their own home

KINAIYAHAN ECO-VILLAGE housing beneficiaries held its initial draw lots of house and lot assignment last July 6, 2017 led by KKI Program Coordinator Maisie Faith Dagapioso with housing staff Margie Mandal , Shermalyn Sangkula together with other KKI staff and ZABIDA housing staff.


After months of going through a number of process, KINAIYAHAN ECO-VILLAGE conducted its initial housing turnover last July 15, 2017 to 20 household beneficiaries that are mostly fire victims of Camino Nuevo, a fire tragedy that happened during Christmas day of December 25, 2016. Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF gave his heart warming solidarity message to the housing beneficiaries. A teary-eyed response was shared by the K4 Housing Association President Tatay Sho. (Dexter Rondovio/ZABIDA)

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NFI on Culture of Peace Activities

This July 2017, Nagdilaab Foundation Incorporated, one of the members of NGO consortium of ZABIDA which is based in Basilan conducted the phase 2 Barangay-based activity on Culture of Peace (COP) which focuses on the Barangay Justice System and Conflict Resolution Skills.

The COP was held simultaneously in the 20 Partner-Barangays of NFI, and these were the following; Townsite, Upper Portholland, Shipyard Tabuk, Calang Canas, and Taberlongan under the Municipality of Maluso, 10 barangays in Lantawan which includes the Barangays of Upper Banas, Lower Banas, Pamucalin, Baungis, Tairan, Upper Manggas, Lower Manggas, Matikang, Calayan and Switch Yakal, and five from Akbar Municipality; Upper Bato-Bato, Lower Bato-Bato, Upper Sinagkapan, Caddayan and Paguengan.

The two-day Peace-Building activity aimed to capacitate 30 participants comprising the Barangay Officials, Lupon Tagapamayapa and the different sector group leaders. They are whom we believe are the front liners in promoting Peace and settling conflict in the Barangay using the lens of Conflict Transformation. The COP activities are made possible with the help of the trained community facilitators mobilized by team. And, this is headed by the Municipal LGU Coordinators under Governance Program-Convenio 2 Project of NFI and return they conduct Culture of Peace activities to their respective assigned Barangays. (Nagdilaab Foundation Inc./ZABIDA)

About the Photo: COP participants of Shipyard Tabuk simulate the conflict resolution skills on mediation.

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Reach-Out to Others Foundation, Inc. (ROOF): DRRM Logistical Support turn-over to Partner-Barangays

Apart from its “One Barangay, One Product” (OBOP) program, Reach-Out to Others Foundation, Inc. is continually working with its Partner-Barangays in Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) through providing Logistical Support.

Last July 7, 11 units of Trash Bin (Waste Disposal bins) were given to Barangay Mercedes for their DRRM initiative to implement a Waste/Garbage Segregation within their Barangay.  Present during the turn-over were Fr. Angel Calvo, CMF ZABIDA President and Dr. Grace J. Rebollos, ROOF President. Also present were  the Barangay Council of Mercedes headed by. Hon. Purificacion T. Delgado as witnessed by different sectors present: Women’s Sector, Farmers’ Sector, Youth, PWD and the Children’s sector.

Then, on July 21, 2017, another turn-over of DRRM Logistical support took place in Barangay Guisao wherein they received tents. The official ceremony was participated by the Barangay Local Government Unit, headed by Hon.Miguel Arquiza together with rest of the council members of Barangay Guisao and its Sector Representatives. Also present during the turn-over ceremony was Dr. grace J. Rebollos, ROOF President. The tents given are to be used during and after the disaster such as Distribution of Relief Good as well as during the conduct of Barangay Assembly and Annual Meetings of the Senior Citizen Sector.

According to ROOF Program Coordinator, Mr. Khamar Amsain, from its 17 target Partner-Barangays under the DRRM Logistical Support, about 13 more are still to submit their choice of DRRM Logistical Support Proposal and are to receive the said assistance. (Deorenzie Frances L Carreon/ZABIDA) 

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News-Feature: FSP Stewardship day celebration with and for the Environment

“Since 2011, it is already part of FSP’s tradition to conduct a Stewardship Day in the month of July as a celebration of partnership amongst its clients which also includes the ZABIDA Staff.”, says Ms. Nujom J. Hadjibata, FSP Program Coordinator. The main part of every Stewardship Day celebration is a Tree-Planting Activity.Financing Services Program (FSP) under the Zamboanga-Basilan Integrated Development Alliance, Inc. (ZABIDA) celebrated its 6th year anniversary as a Financial Assistance service provider to its clients and ZABIDA Staff.

The celebration took 2 separate Saturdays of planting trees – the first Tree Planting Activity was conducted last July 8, 2017 with the clients, selected ZABIDA Regional Management Staff, Katilingban sa Kalambuan Organization staff, Youth for Solidarity and Peace Volunteers, Philippine Red Cross staff and volunteers, Task Force Zamboanga and Verde Zamboanga Inc. Board members. During the short opening program, Hon. Rolando M. Soler, Barangay Chairman of Barangay Sinubong expressed, on behalf of its people, their gratitude towards the support and trust of ZABIDA. He also shared his personal joy that ZABIDA chose their Barangay in planting trees.

Also present was Ms. Leticia Enriquez, Board Member of Verde Zamboanga Inc. (VZI) wherein she gave a brief introduction of VZI as an Non-Profit Organization focusing on protecting the Environment. For the 2nd Saturday, which happened last July 15 of this year, the Tree Planting Activity was participated by the ZABIDA workforce that includes the staff from Peace Advocates Zamboanga Foundation, Reach-Out to Others Foundation, Katilingban sa Kalambuan Organization Inc., Staff and volunteers of the Philippine Red Cross, Youth for Solidarity and Peace Volunteers, Task Force Zamboanga, and the ZABIDA Regional Management Office Staff.

About 1000 seedlings were generously given by the Zamboanga Water District, all were planted along Mountain-view, Barangay Sinubong. (Deorenzie Frances Carreon/ZABIDA) 

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