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KKI conducts Anti-Bullying Campaign from West to East

KKI strengthens its fight for Children’s Rights particularly in creating a community full of love and harmony.

On August 24, 2017, a learning session on Anti-Bullying was given to 60 grade 6 pupils of Labuan Elementary School. This is a long month activity of the Barangay Council of Labuan the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) and the School Ms. Loida Sapalo of Katilingban gave the Input on Anti-Bullying.

Then on August 25, Ms.Marilyn Pagdanganan -School Guidance Counselor of Bunguiao National High School and trained Positive Discipline Trainor, gave Learning Session on Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting to 20 participants composed of Barangay Tanods and Parent Leaders of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) in Barangay Bunguiao. (Katilingban sa Kalambuan Org Official Facebook Page)

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Participation in the Public Consultation for the Biodiversity Management Plan

ZABIDA-Verde Zamboanga, Inc. participates in the Public Consultation for the Zamboanga City Biodiversity Management Plan held at LM Hotel, today, August 16. The Public Consultation organized by the City Government of Zamboanga, USAID and the U.S Department of Interior gathered representatives of the City Government and Barangay Local Government, National Government Agencies, and members of the Civic Society and the Academe who are working on environmental advocacy.

Representing VZI is its President, Dr. Grace J. Rebollos wherein she actively raised points of query and suggestions for the improvement of the ZC Biodiversity Management Plan. For ZABIDA, being the Verde Zamboanga Inc. Secretariat, sent its Climate Change Advocacy Project Staff, Ms. Karel Mellanes she participated as one of the facilitators/documenter of the workshop along with another VZI Secretariat from the AdZU-SACSI Office.

Last March 6-9 of this year, ZABIDA, through its Executive Director, Ms. Esperancita E. Hupida, involved in the formulation of the Zamboanga City Biodiversity Management Plan via a Cross Training in Palawan as part of the Technical Working Group. The Public Consultation is a step further in finalizing the Biodiversity Management Plan. (Deorenzie Frances  Carreon/ZABIDA)

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Dialogue on the Simariki Security situation

A Community Dialogue with the Security Sectors, Government Agencies and partner organizations was conducted by the Simariki Island Sama Bangi- Bangi Association (SISBA). This is in partnership with ZABIDA, the dialogue was held in Simariki Island, Barangay Talon- Talon , Zambaoanga City.

The call for dialogue was due to the recent CIDG arrest of a member of the Indigeneous People and Displaced Persons who is allegedly part of the Abu-Sayaff Group (ASG) .The main objective was to discuss the peace and order within the community and the issues and concerns due to the arrest which specifically caused fear towards the residents of Simariki Island.

During the discussion, Mr. Rashid Ganih, emotionally shared that they are still in the process of healing and moving forward after the trauma caused by the Zamboanga Siege. But, the arrest allowed them to remember that traumatic experience. The SISBA council of Elder, Security Sectors TFZ(Task Force Zamboanga), 11th IB, PNP(Philippine National Police), DILG(Department of the Interior and Local Government), NCMF(National Commission on Muslim Filipino), NCIP(National Commission on Indigenous People), CAMA(Counsel of Advisers for Muslim Advancement), KP-ZC ( kilusang Pagbabago ), ZABIDA(Zamboanga-Basilan Integrated Development Alliance, Inc.), UCZP(Ulama Council of Zamboanga Peninsula) and other NGO’s., in solidarity, strongly ensured Peace and Order, and Securing the rights of every individual in Simariki island. They also put emphasis to continue “Re-building Trust, Confidence and moving forward for better Community”. (Leo Gaspar/Human Rights Advocacy/ZABIDA)

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“Artreach Program for the Children of Bamboo Village, San Roque

GUHIT Pinas – Zamaboanga Chapter in partnership with the Human Rights Advocacy Campaign of ZABIDA in coordination with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Zamboanga, Task force Zamboanga and Youth Organization of Barangay San Roque conducted an ArtReach Program Activity last August 20 of this year.

Through this 1-day activity, ZABIDA’s HR Advocacy Campaign, following the priority agenda of Children sector of the right to participate, right to play and right to education were realized.

ArtReach Program’s main objective is to give an art session for the less fortunate children in the community. The children in the community were taught basic arts by provided proper learning inputs on Children’s right through Art as a tool for advocacy.

GUHIT Pinas – Zamboanga Chapter believes in their slogan “Reach-out…teach art….making a kid smile… inspire!”. Their goal is to teach basic art session to the children to inspire and to motivate them to explore and discover their skills and talents young as they are.

After the activity, the children participants received Art Materials to encourage them in continuing their drawing as they express themselves through their imagination. (Leo Gaspar/Human Rights Advocacy Project Staff/ZABIDA)

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