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Photo Feature: 2nd General Barangay Assembly in Barangay Guisao

Hon. Miguel Arquiza, Barangay Chairman-Guisao presented the Barangay Accomplishments or projects implemented for 2017 such as the reconstruction of a bridge, slope protection, school building for the Elementary and the on-going construction of the Drainage Canal. He also presented future projects suchs as Barangay Hall Stage and Covered Court to be utilized during big Barangay events such as the General Assemblies, with the help of Congressman Dalipe and also the Covered court. Hon. Arquiza also shared the project implemented by Partner NGO, ROOF-Zabida with BLGUs and the sectoral groups wherein he emphasized the big role and help that Roof Zabida provided to the sectoral group specially to the Barangay Officials. (Khamar Amsain/ROOF)

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Empowerment of the Persons with Disability (PWD Sector)

The Zamboanga City Disability Alliance (ZCDA) and Zambaong City Hermosa Association of the Deaf (ZCHAD) received their livelihood project, October 20, 2017, from the Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB) through the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). This Livelihood Project is from two (2) approved proposals from orthopedic group which is Printing Pressed Establishment Cum T-Shirt and a Commercialize Food and Service Center for the Deaf Group.

Zamboanga Basilan Integrated Development Alliance Inc. (ZABIDA) is now a DOLE conduit partner-NGO in the implementation of their Livelihood Project for the PWD Sector.

Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF. Chairperson of ZABIDA with Ms. Ofelia B. Domingo, Regional Director, DOLE, and Mr. Ian A. Lahi, Head-DOLE Zamboanga signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) during the Turn- Over Ceremony.

With the efforts of Zamboanga Disability Alliance, DOLE and ZABIDA, it is expected that majority of Persons with Disabilities sector in the City will be empowered through the Livelihood Project. (Leo Christopher Gaspar – Human Rights Advocacy Campaign)

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Photo Feature: Facilitator’s Peer-to-Peer Training for the Youth

A Facilitator’s Peer-to-Peer Training with some Youth and Children in Barangay Mariki, Barangay Rio Hondo and Masepla Transitory in Barangay Mampang last October 23. This aims to develop the youth in facilitation through child-friendly learning processes and to capacitating them to form a pool of Trainers that will facilitate local activities. The formation of Youth Trainers will allow them to organize a child-led organization in their respective areas. This is a three part series of learning session, highlighting on the Rights of the Child, Peace-Building and Child Protection in Emergency through interactive and fun-filled activities. (Katilingban Sa Kalambuan Organization Facebook Page)

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BBL and Federalism are Better Options to End Mindanao Conflict for Zamboanga CSOs

Around 75 members of the Zamboanga City sector groups see the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) and Federalism as the solution to the century-old conflict in Mindanao. 

In a sector dialogue on BBL and Federalism vis-à-vis the threat of violent extremism and terrorism, organized by the Cotabato City-based Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG), through its Enhancing Political Dialogue for Inclusive Peace in the Bangsamoro (EnPold) project on Monday, October 23, they gathered the representatives from the academe, professionals, women, Indigenous Peoples (IPs), Ulama and other religious leaders to present to them the fresh updates on the BBL and Federalism. The Zamboanga (ZABIDA) is the partner organization of IAG in the city in the implementation of the latter’s project.

Vandrazel M. Birowa, EnPold Project Coordinator said that “the project aims to provide a credible arena for political dialogue to build consensus and ownership of the political reforms and peace process as key to sustainable and inclusive peace,”

Resource Speaker Atty. Benedicto R. Bacani, IAG Executive Director challenged the participants to continue to understand the problem in Mindanao and find common ground in their respective communities and likewise help in the continuing dialogue.

One of the top agenda of the current administration is the shifting of the current unitary form government to federal form. In the federalism, it provides power to local government including the power to establish courts, implement business regulations and impose taxes while the unitary form of government, the decisions come from the central government in Manila.

With this current political set up, the areas outside Metro Manila especially the island province of Mindanao is left behind in terms of resources which some believe are the cause of armed struggle of the Moro people in the region.

“Federalism is possible with the President Duterte’s push and the change of constitution will happen within the six years,” Atty. Bacani said.

Fr. Angel C. Calvo, the Chairperson of the ZABIDA said that we should continue searching for the political formula to ends the Mindanao conflict.

“In Europe, there is no BBL but there are Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)…we need to pass the BBL this will help solve the governance in Mindanao and increase the self-governance of the Bangsamoro,” he said who is also the lead convener of the Interreligious Solidarity for Peace (ISP) based in Zamboanga City.

Sheikh Zayd Ocfemia president of the Assunah Foundation said that the federalism will not contradict with BBL in solving the Bangsamoro problem. “Both federalism and BBL are the solution to Bangsamoro problem,” he said.

For Prof. Ali Yacub, president of the Golden Crescent Consortium of Peace Builders and Affiliates (GCCPBA) he wanted that the BBL should be approved first before the federal. “BBL is a hard work then we continue with it and see the outcome. Pass first the BBL because there will be a lot of opportunities in Mindanao,” he said adding that “federalism can be a good mother to BBL in the long run,”

IAG is also expected to visit the island provinces in the region to conduct the same activity. (Albert F. Arcilla/Peace Advocates Zamboanga) 

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