Connecting the state of humanity is a necessary endeavor to bring back the peaceful co-existence in the land. Continuing reached out have to be made to defeat the forces of the detractors of peace, unity and solidarity has to be forged so that the good side of humanity prevails.  In this regard, a multi-sectoral peace champions is assembled to utilize the essence of peace and brings the meaning to the Barangay Tubigan, Maluso, Basilan. 

Barangay Tubigan, Maluso, Basilan is still in mourned because of the incidence occurred last August 21, 2017 where in skirmished between the so-called unpeaceful human being resulted to the forceful depart of nine souls to include a pregnant mother. These untoward incidences solidify the initiative to reach out. 

Headed by the Local Government Unit of Maluso through the leadership of Mayor Hanie A. Bud together with concern groups from Zamboanga City; the Ulama Council of Zamboanga Peninsula, the Inter-religious Solidarity for Peace of Peace Advocates Zamboanga/ZABIDA, the Assunnah Foundation and the Council of Advisors for Muslim Advancement, in unity, this Solidarity Mission is conducted.

Highlighting the event is the all out support of the Regional Governor of ARMM Hon. Mujiv S. Hataman and his beloved life partner Anak Mindanao Representative Sitti Djalia T. Hataman where in they grace the event by offering “QURBAN” and personally visited the communities and the families of the survivors.  

Personal touch in a manner by which it is needed elements to bring solidarity, in the name of faith, by tradition celebration of Eidl Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) is a perfect venue that can serve as a symbolic expression of extending the solidarity visit   (“Jiyarah” through the ritual offering “Qurban”; for non-Muslim, this will be the expression of reaching out “part of Pag-Jiyarah”. This activity is part of the ‘listening mission’ to generate stories of human resiliency and highlight the ‘humanitarian face’ as the group rebuild inner strength of the survivors and to give space, voice for survivors of the tragic incidence in Tubigan. This initiative is being coordinated with the office of the Mayor of Maluso.

It is with all hopes that the initiative will bring the peaceful coexistence once again as we all hope to achieved.


With all the prayers.



Majlis-ush-Shura 9-2-2017

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A Statement of Solidarity for the Victims of War in the Islamic City of Marawi

As the fierce fighting in Marawi enters its second week, we count more than a hundred casualties, scores of hostages, and over 17,000 internally displaced families who have left the city for safer grounds. In the strongest terms, we condemn these atrocities and dread their escalation to more bloodshed, leading to a higher fatality count, and spreading to other areas.
Violence is not new to Mindanao which has been gripped by a long history of poverty, neglect, and internecine strife. In Zamboanga City, we recall the trauma of the 2013 standoff between rouge rebel elements and our security forces. Now the war in Marawi shows that the threats remain. Buttressed by corruption and narco-politics, religious extremism and anti-government ideologies, multiple groups from various areas, including foreign terrorist elements, have joined forces and continue to wreck havoc.
Amidst all these challenges, we note that the government actions – whether in terms of the recent proclamation of a 60-day martial law in Mindanao, emergency relief operations, social development interventions, and governance measures – are so far broadly supported and recognized as part of the series of responses for dealing with our problems. It is true that questions continue to be asked and doubts expressed. The experiences of Martial Law 1972 haunt the nation, making us fear the return of past abuses. Yet we take the cue from the bishops of Mindanao, most of our legislators, and many more constituents across the length and breadth of Mindanao, whose approving voices denote the hope for an end to the myriad forms of violence in our homeland. As decisive steps are taken, we take heart in the safety nets provided by the 1987 Philippine Constitution and trust in our leaders’ wisdom, commitment to the rule of law, compassion, and love of country.
While these events have manifested the worst of the self-styled oppressors and threat groups that have hostaged the residents of Marawi, they have brought out the courage and peace-loving character of our people. Indeed we are made of these. Muslims protecting Christians in ways that show that we are One Mindanao, even as the spirit of Ramadan inspires our Muslim brothers and sisters towards special protective actions to shield terrified Christians against the dangers of detection and possible annihilation.
In the face of the mounting hostilities, and in solidarity with the affected families and communities of Marawi City, we – the members of civil society in Zamboanga City – call upon all protagonists of this war for:
1. An end to the violence and the vigilant enforcement of the International Humanitarian Law especially, among others, the protection of civilians against the taking of hostages, enforced disappearance, using protected persons as human shields, reprisals against civilians and civilian objects; the pillage of places of worship, schools, hospitals, and homes; the arbitrary deprivation of liberty.
2. Responsibility and accountability for violations of the above cited law and of human rights, especially in terms of more solidarity actions for our internally displaced brothers and sisters, i.e., the sending of emergency relief items, the provision of psycho-social support, the mobilization of all efforts to immediately stabilize their situation – including a return to their homes – and to restore the peace.
3. Finally, observing that these events have raised issues that have polarized the nation, let us strengthen our interreligious bonds by…
– Helping quell the fires of hatred, divisive labeling, and counter-productive blaming;
– Understanding and analyzing the complications of the conflict and the dynamics of societies sharing different identities and ways of life; and
– Appreciating the life-giving factors of peace in all our religious and cultural traditions.
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(Statement of the Interreligious Solidarity for Peace on the

19th Celebration of the Week of Peace in Zamboanga City)

ALMOST two decades have passed since the first celebration of the Week of Peace in 1997.  Over the years, we have continuously called for a unity in the midst of our differences, justice for those whose rights were disregarded and taken away, recognition and honor for the pains of those who have been damaged by a variety of current and historical forms of violence, and forgiveness for our own offenses against each other that continue to divide us as a community, as a nation, and as a people.  It is as basic as our survival as human beings.  It is as sublime as our noble destiny as children of a Divine Creator who keeps assuring us of the gifts of mercy and peace.

Once more, as we mark the 19th year of the Week of Peace celebration we make the urgent call for healing and reconciliation…. now more than ever!  The events of the past twelve months point to the crying need for us to consider this call in view of what has been happening in our city, in our country, and in the world today.  The grinding poverty,  the homelessness, hunger, the kidnapping and criminality,  the stubborn corruption in many establishments,  and the star issue that has seemingly become the centerpiece of all law enforcement efforts – the war on drugs.  In the political developments here and abroad,  we have witnessed  the careless use of words – either seriously or jokingly, the harm  these words do on the vulnerable sectors,  the models that are  forced upon the senses of our children. 

These have wounded us! All these and many more have driven deeper the wedges that have long divided our people.  These have made us turn against ourselves and against each other.  Leaders and the led, governments and the citizenry, the rich and the needy,  the indigenous people, the internally displaced people, the informal settlers, our rural poor in farming and fishing.   Let our wounds teach us something about ourselves. There is domestic violence in our families.  There is drug abuse among our young and adults. There is a wild hunt for money that is led by the wrong priorities. 

As a result, we journey into the future with a curious sense of justice that benefits only those whose voices are loudest – those who are in power, those who are near, and those who are at center.  Hence, we call for all-inclusive healing and reconciliation for those who are powerless, who are far, and who are at the margins.  We call them… the POOR, THE VULNERABLE AND THE VOICELESS.  .  We cannot truly claim to care, to love our neighbor, to work for justice, if we do not dare to bridge the gap that keeps us apart from them, that hinders our service to them that stops us from co-creating a better world with them.  This is the challenge of our time.  To heal, reconcile, to make peace, to be transformed in ourselves, and together to become a critical mass that can transform our society.  By all means, LET US HEAL! 


FR. ANGEL C. CALVO, CMF                             PROF. ALI T. YACUB, AL-HJ

Lead Convener, ISP                                               Muslim Convener, ISP 

President, PAZ                                                       President, GCCPBA


Evangelical Convener, ISP                                Indigenous Peoples Convener, ISP

President, ZMF                                                      Presiding Officer, ZCIPCL 

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