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Enhancing GAD Mainstreaming in Zamboanga and Basilan Communities

Ms. Maisie Faith Dagapioso , Program Coordinator of Katilingban Sa Kalambuan , Inc. facilitated the pre-presentation of the Project Proposal to the body.

In its continuous program support on Participatory Governance, ZABIDA, through its member-organizations in Zamboanga City, Reach-Out ot Others Foundation, Katilingban Sa Kalambuan Inc. and Nagdilaab Foundation, Inc. in Basilan, conducted an Enhancing GAD Mainstreaming session.

For Zamboanga City, around 80 Barangay leaders and members of the Sector Groups were gathered from March 21 to March 22 held at LM Hotel, Tetuan, Zamboanga City. While, about 30 Barangay Leaders and Sectoral Group members from Barangay Townsite of Maluso Municipality and Barangay Matikang of Lantawan Municipality conducted the activity from March 22 to March 23 of this year in Isabela, Basilan.

The main purpose of the activity is to provide technical support to the Partner-Barangays in identifying and prioritizing its GAD Plan implementation and to provide further technical knowledge on Gender and Development as a political concern in their communities.

As a result of their workshop, the participants presented a proposal on a specificied priority GAD activity from their Plan. Both in Zamboanga City and Basilan, the Department of the Interior and Local Government participated as one of the panelists to provided technical guidance in improving and strengthening their proposals.

ZABIDA is currently implementing the Convenio 2 Project in the Philippines, supported by the Spanish Cooperation for International Development Agency (AECID) and Manos Unidas in Spain. The Gender and Development program intervention is part of its Participatory Governance Program. The Convenio 2 is now on its 4th and final year of implementation.  (Deorenzie Frances L Carreon/ZABIDA)

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Manos Unidas General Programs Manager visits Zamboanga City and Basilan

Isabel Vogel, the General Programs Manager of Manos Unidas, visited a couple of ZABIDA’s partner-barangays both in Zamboanga City and in Basilan. She, together with Manos Unidas Convenio-Philippines Coordinator, Miguel Carballo and Manos Unidas Country Coordinator to the Philippines, Jessica Del Olmo, visited Barangay Bunguiao, Barangay La Paz, Barangay Ayala, Barangay Upper Calarian, Simariki Island for Zamboanga City and Tairan, Lantawan for Basilan. Manos Unidas is an International Non-Government Organization and a “development NGO of the Catholic Church and volunteers” based in Spain. The organization works with around 58 countries in Africa, South America and in Southeast Asia. Currently, it is working with the Philippines through ZABIDA in the implementation of the Convenio 2 Project supported by the Spanish Cooperation for International Development Agency.

The Zamboanga-Basilan Integrated Development Alliance, Inc. (ZABIDA) is a regional NGO operating in Zamboanga City and in Basilan. For the Convenio 2 Project, it is working with 54 Barangay Local Government Units on Participatory Governance, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Gender and Development and Peace and Security. Now, in its 4th and last year of Project Implementation, Manos Unidas through Ms. Vogel, wanted to personally conduct an impact assessment directly from the Right-Holders and Duty-Bearers.

In her 5-day visit last March 6 to 10 of this year, she had a conversation with the Federation of Zamboanga Upland Farmers Association, Inc. in Barangay Bunguiao, Eco-Farm, and assessed the work-in-progress Organic Farming Project. She also listened to the political concerns of the Women Sector from the Bellas Mujeres de Bunguiao Association together with their Barangay Chairperson, Hon. Nestor H. Atilano. Then, she went up to Barangay La Paz, this time together with the External Evaluators, Andrea Navazo and Inigo Gutierez to assess the thriving flower business of the La Paz Flower Growers Association. The Association is composed of Women, Farmers and Youth Sector members that are supported by the Reach-Out to Others Foundation for Participatory Governance under the Convenio Project and by the ZABIDA-Financing Services Program which was supported by Manos Unidas. Also present during the visit was Barangay Kagawad Edgar Chavez, Committee on Agriculture. They also visited Islit Bakery in Barangay Ayala, one of the thriving private businesses that was supported by the ZABIDA-Financing Services Program. Thereafter met with the Hon. El King Omaga, Chairman of Barangay Calarian who presented the Logistical Support they received. An Information Technology Computer Set that is providing digital processing of Barangay Clearance to the people in the community.

In Simariki Island, Manos Unidas together with the External Evaluators, Fr. Angel Calvo, ZABIDA President, and Executive Director, Ms. Esperancita Hupida visited the Housing and Bangka project support provided to community. For Tairan in Lantawan, Basilan, Ms. Vogel, Mr. Carballo, Fr. Calvo, Ms. Hupida together with the Nagdilaab Foundation Executive Director, Ms. Miriam Suacito participated in the inaguaration of the Evacuation Center and the Ginger Tea Production Center of the Women Sector in Tairan. Before her trip ended, Zamboanga City Mayor, Hon. Isabelle “Beng” Climaco-Salazar, welcomed and thanked Manos Unidas for supporting ZABIDA and visiting Zamboanga City. She then gave them a token of appreciation to bring back to Spain.

In one of Ms. Vogel’s message, she expressed her “fully gratitude for your commitment during all these shared years and also wish us a joyful long way forward…” and that her aim for her visit is to, “know even more about ZABIDA, in order to gain a better understanding of all your present and future interventions and make Manos Unidas close to you…” She left the Philippines bringing with her the stories of hardships, success and gratitude from our beneficiaries. (Deorenzie Frances L Carreon/ZABIDA)

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Photo Feature: Celebration of World Water Day meeting in Basilan

The Basilan Civil Society Organization-Climate Change Adaptation Alliance (CCA) with Nagdilaab Foundation, Inc. had meeting on February 22, 2018 at NFI Conference Hall, Isabela City, Basilan. Nineteen (19) participants representing fourteen (14) organizations as member of the Gandang Gaddung (Green Beauty) Basilan. The Alliance discussed the following agenda; CSO-CCA Launching Planning, Details on Advocacy Materials and Ways forward like Internal Policies, and Organizational Leadership. The meeting centered on the conduct of a walk for the environment during the celebration of World Water Day on March 22, 2018 with the theme: “Awit at Sayaw Alay sa Kalikasan”. (Ayara Jaimin) 

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PAZ opens Young Peace Weaver Awards to Senior High School

Almost two (2) decades now since Peace Advocates Zamboanga Foundation, Inc. initiated the Young Peace Weaver Awards. The award is granted to graduating students of both the Secondary and Tertiary Level who are actively involved and are contributing to Socio-Civic activities addressing Peace, Leadership and Service. It serves as a recognition of their valuable contribution to social change regardless of how big or small their efforts are.

Under the Convenio Project, supported by the Spanish Agency for International Development (AECID) and INGO, Manos Unidas, that started in 2015, roughly around 60 were already awarded. And, since the implementation of the K-12 educational system in the Philippines last 2015, the inclusion of the secondary level was put on hold. But, for 2018, PAZ opened the opportunity to Senior High School students and from the Call for Applications in January 5 to January 30 of this year, 40 Senior High School students of both the private and public schools in the Eastern to the Western part of Zamboanga City submitted their application.

The selection of the Young Peace Weaver Awardees has three phases; Phase 1 is the promotion and campaign followed by the Phase 2 which is the validaiton and pre-selection through reviewing the documents submitted thereafter the Phase 3 for interview and deliberation. Given the number of applicants for this year, the Interview and Deliberation took 4 batches. The first bach: “East Cluster”- High School candidates were interviewed last February 8, the second batch: “West Cluster” – High School candidates were interviewed last February 13, the third batch: “Central Cluster” – High School took place on February 20 while for the College/Tertiary Level candidates were screened on February 15.

The 3-cluster interviews were supported by the host schools namely, Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat National High School for the East cluster, Ayala National High School for the West cluster, and Claret School of Zamboanga for the Central cluster.

Albert Putong, the Project Staff behind the Search of the Young Peace Weaver Award 2018, was asked about his take on the annual award for the Youth wherein he shared that, “Yung punto kasi (ng Young Peace Weaver Awards) is to give recognition to students who are doing little things from the ground…ZABIDA and PAZ under the Convenio Project appreciates and recognizes these small efforts to inspire them and others na to also do the same…sa usapang pang kapayapaan lahat may parte…lalo na ang mga batang ‘to…”

He then added that “you don’t have to have a position to make a change…the challenge is it’s not for the sake of having an award, to help them have the drive to continue being a Peace Advocate…parte sila sa efforts…and the Challenge for PAZ is to creatively come up with programs to sustain their (the Awardees’) efforts and involvement…”

After the series of deliberation, around 32 finalists are now awaiting for their confimartion of award. The Awardees will receive their recognition during their graduation ceremony this coming March 2018. (Deorenzie Frances Carreon/ZABIDA)


Peace Advocates Zamboanga Foundation Inc., is a member organization of ZABIDA and its currently implementing the Convenio Project in Zamboanga City focusing on Peace and Development initiatives. The Convenio Project through ZABIDA is supported by the Spanish Cooperation Agency for International Development (AECID) and Manos Unidas. 

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