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GAD Storytelling and Writeshop

In connection to the celebration of the International Women’s Month, ZABIDA conducted a Story–Telling and Writeshop for Healing and Advocacy last March 9- 11, 2018 at the Social Action Center ( Euntes). More than 15 women leaders identified from the ZABIDA – GAD Partner Barangays and Line-Agencies such as the Philippine National Police, Office of the City Social Welfare and Development and Gender and Development City Office. The main objective was to capacitate trainers in developing potential facilitators for VAWC story telling and write shop as a strategy for women healing and rights Advocacy.

The participants underwent Healing Process facilitated by Ms. Mariam Suacito, Executive Director of Nagdilaab Foundation inc. (NFI) together with Ms. Rosie France Montojo, program coordinator of Peace Advocates Zamboanga Foundation Inc. (PAZ). An introduction on the Violence Against Women and Children Realities (VAWC) was discussed by Mr. Ronald Cervas of Office of City Social Welfare and Development, Women’s Right for Protection and the role of Commission on Human Rights (CHR-IX) and as Gender Ombudsman, lectured by Mr. Daniel Paculanang and Mr. Roneale Ventus.

The participants have also shared their story through Creative Writing given by Ms. Frencie Carreon as part of the healing process and strategy for Story telling approach. The activity was in coordination with Katingban sa Kalambuan Inc. (KKI), Reach out to Others Foundation (ROOF), Peace Advocates Zamboanga Inc. (PAZ) and Nagdilaab Foundation Inc. (NFI). (Leo Christopher Gaspar/Human Rights Advocacy Campaign/ZABIDA)

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Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning Orientation for PWD in Basilan

There are thirty (30) participants who attended the Human Rights Advocacy on Responsible Parenthood and family planning Orientation for Persons with Disability. Held at Querexeta Formation Center, Isabela City Basilan., last November 28, 2017. It was  initiated by Nagdilaab Foundation Inc. in coordination with the City Government of Isabela and Commission On Population (POPCOM)-Region IX.


Ms. Jesielyn O. Puno, City population and Management Development Officer (CPMDO) rendered her warmed welcome message and provided the rationale of the program with the objectives: to provide Responsible Parenthood- Family Planning, Adolescent Health and Development and other program information to parents of adolescent, children and directly to differently-able adolescents and to elicit vital inputs from PWDs and Senior Citizens participating in the different activities in the identification of their specific reproductive health needs in order to recommend effective measures and interventions in meeting them.


Mr. Ferwin S. Sanchez, Persons with Disability (PWD) President-Isabela City, Basilan. Discussed the Law on Republic Act No. 9442- An act providing for the Rehabilitation, Self-Development and Self-Reliance of Disabled Person and their Integration. He stated his reason why he need to discussed the Republic Act No. 9442 for the people with disability. First, he want an openness and awareness to the Rights of PWD. Second to encouraged PWD for their Self-Development and Self-Reliance.


In connection to the Human Rights for the PWD, Ms. Gemma Casas-Paculio, the PWD Sector-Vice President, Isabela City, Basilan also discussed and explained briefly the Law on Republic Act No. 10754- An act Expanding the Benefits and Privileges of Persons with Disability. She quoted that “in reality and in other eyes, PWD like us our useless and incapable of everything” some people tend to discriminating us anywhere, but don’t take it as the balk to developed our self, instead take it as a challenge perhaps we have the Rights and privileged in this world. Although were incapable in some part but were still capable in different way, wherein able person cannot, nothing possible if GOD permit (sic)”


Ms. Jesielyn O. Puno, also imparted the topic entitled Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning Orientation”. She expressed that nurturing and caring for PWD was not an easy task, but parents must be forbearance, patience and responsible to provide good future.


Afterwards, the participants came into realizations to stand firmly for their rights and strengthen and develop their self-esteem and self development. Ms. Zabala thanked the three speakers for their wholehearted inputs on the Rights of PWD. At the end of the program,PWDs received toiletries and energy drinks. (Ayara Jaimin/Nagdilaab Foundation Inc.)

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Human Rights Advocacy through the ARTReach Program in Masepla Transitory Site

Another ArtReach Program conducted for the Youth and Children in Masepla Transitory Site last September 17, 2017. In line with the commemoration of the Zamboanga Siege, an ART Therapy was given, as part of the ZABIDA Human rights Advocacy Campaign in partnership with GUHIT Pinas Zamboanga Chapter which aimed to promote Youth and Children’s rights through visual arts.

The priority issues and concerns of Children and Youth seen and occurred in the transitory site were presented and the needs and concerns were also addressed. Basic art techniques were taught to the participating Youth and Children and through this techniques they were encouraged to use art as a tool for them to advocate their concerns and rights.

After teaching them the basics, the participants were asked to express themselves through coloring a Mandala. The ArtReach activity concluded by a distribution of Art Materials for the children and youth to continually practice art. (LEO CHRISTOPHER GASPAR/ZABIDA/Human Rights Advocacy Campaign)



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Brgy. Recodo Indigenous People’s Sector : Re-Orientation of their Human Rights

More than 50 Indigenous Peoples participated in the re-orientation of Human Rights in Barangay Recodo on September 9 of this year. This is in coordination with Kagawad Layna Abdurasid, the Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative (IPMR) of the Barangay and the Barangay Recodo Council.

ZABIDA through the ZABIDA Human Rights Advocacy Campaign Project Staff was invited to talk about the Identified Priority Issues concerning the IP sector which serves as the basis of the organization’s continuing Human Rights Advocacy Campaign for the sector concerned. Also present in the orientation was Engr. George T. Jucotan, Officer-in-Charge of the Zamboanga City Office of National Commission of Indigenous Peoples. Engr. Jucotan presented the Indigenous Peoples Right Act also known as the IPRA Law which provides the rights and priviledges of the Indigenous People. ZABIDA continues its efforts in disseminating the rights of every sector groups in their community. (LEO CHRISTOPHER GASPAR/ZABIDA/Human Rights Advocacy Campaign)



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